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Taking Initiative to be a Great NCO - by Jim Butler

Campaigners Manifesto - by Nicki Hughes

Even More First Person Musings - by Jim Butler

The Surrender of Secession - by Jim Butler

Religous Views both North and South during the 19th C. - by Jim Butler

School of the Clerk by M.A. Schaffner

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Reprint of the Campaigner College Handbook
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                       Southeast Coalition of Authentic Reenactors

The goal of the Southeast Coalition of Authentic Reenacators is to create an informal, cohesive group of like-minded representatives from the southeast authentic Civil War reenacting community to work together to assure a quality reenacting experience for its members. These representatives come from the member groups or messes, which will continue to maintain their group's autonomy.  Each SCAR member group agrees to support the 4-5 max-effort events that are chosen by the unit representatives.  The SCAR will have no elected offices or permanent rank. Instead, SCAR unit representatives nominate and elect an officer or NCO/event coordinator for our company, platoon, or squad for each event.  We also agree to try and stick together when possible at other events attended by SCAR representatives. 
Since 2000, this is a formula has been working among several of the SCAR groups.  Many of us have worked together for years and enjoy the camaraderie and shared hardships. The formal creation of SCAR will provide a more formal rally point both on the field and from a coordination standpoint for those SE reenactors sharing a similar attitude toward reenacting.  There are leadership opportunities available for those willing to work and coordinate our group for upcoming events. The aim is to increase participation through the efforts of volunteer leaders who will coordinate our combined group. The result is shared responsibility and expansion of individual leadership skills and more importantly a quality experience for those of similar attitudes.  We look to see you in the field!
Email any of the representatives if your group is interested in exploring the possibilities of SCAR membership.  See the sidebar link for our current schedule.
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